I found a very beautiful way to integrate Redmine into your programming workflow with eclipse. A Mylyn Connection is available and it is working very well. The benefits are:

  • Complete management of upcoming tasks/tickets in eclipse (not in a browser)
  • Connection to the SCM (even I didn’t find out (yet) how this is working)
  • Context-driven work (all unnecessary classes/projects are hidden which are unrelated to the actual task)

Things to do to get this work:
1. Install “Mylyn” from the eclipse update site.
The necessary plugins are:

  • Mylyn Bridge, Eclipse IDE
  • Mylyn Bridge, Java Developement
  • Mylyn Bridge, Team Support
  • Mylyn Task List
  • Mylyn Task-Focused Interface

2. Install the Redmine Connection. It can be found under

redmine connector -> http://redmin-mylyncon.sourceforge.net/update-site/N/

3. Add new “Task Repository” under

View ->"Task Repositories" -> right click -> "add task repository"

  • Choose the Redmine Connection, click next and fill out the fields:
    Server: https://projects.uni-konstanz.de
    Label: whatever you want to label with
    User ID: first part of your uni-email
    Password: guess what:-)
    Additional Settings, Redmine plugin: RESTful
  • Leave the rest, click finish and enjoy

4. Setup a Query
You have to create a Query which is a request for tasks displayed in the mylyn.

  • Right-Click in Task List
  • “New” -> Query
  • Select Repo and klick next
  • Insert a title, choose “project_id” + “is” + “Treetank”
  • (Make additional filter settings)

On the view called “Task List”, you will find the tasks assigned to your person, you can insert new tasks in the plugin itself, it will synchronized automatically. On the “Package Explorer”, hit the button on the top of this view on the most-right site. This will enable/disable the focused workflow (just in case you are wondering where your projects are:-))