Who am I?

I am Sebastian, over 30 years old, and live currently in Switzerland. For more information, I found providing a mindmap more adequate than writing a long text about myself.


Why yet another / this blog

I maintained a wordpress-based Blog several years ago. This blog was always online even though writing posts in Wordpress was a hassle for me and it was not maintained any more.

Now I got a new server, a new domain, a new job and new perspectives. I needed to either migrate or shut down the old blog. I am not working in the scientific ivory tower any more.

Even at university, I tried to automate workflows especially in how to push projects of students to the public. Now at work, I realized that manual steps are having even worse impact.

Therefore I chose the quote from Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca as topic for this blog. But I have to be fair, it will be less black art and more about technology.