Open Source Projects

At university, one of my personal goals was always to work on sustainable projects. Therefore, I tried to push all sources, if possible, to github. As a results, some work resulted in projects, I am since maintaining on github.


jSCSI is a plain Java implementation of the iSCSI RFC providing both, an initiator and a target. For more information, please refer to


Treetank was the main project within my PhD. It consists of a layered architecture capable to store all kinds of data securely on different cloud infrastructures. All kinds of data includes blocks, files and structured data, different cloud infrastructure include everything from buckets to photo sharing websites. For more information, please refer to

Forks & Contributions

  • Hypergraphdb is a fork, representing a database for hypergraphs (obviously). I switched it to the BerkeleyDB-JE stack to extend Versacloud.
  • jClouds is a fork from We extended the Java-Framework for not only accessing normal cloud infrastructures for storage, but also for storing binary data on photo sharing websites.


Perfidix is a Java benchmarking suite. If you are familiar with jUnit and TestNG, you can seamlessly benchmark your tests by just adding a simple annotation. For more information, please refer to

Other Projects

Most projects are created in the context of thesis' and papers including work of other students and collegues.
  • Versacloud is an extension of Versakey for handling encryption keys for cloud storage.
  • JAX-RX is an extension of JAX-RS tailored to handle semistructured data.