Owncloud is perfect for syncing against Cardav/Caldav without selling your information to any third-party provider. Nevertheless, the following issues come along when trying to bind iCal to Owncloud.

Calendar not syncing in iCal:

Caldav works seamlessly with iOS as well as iCal. Unfortunately you should never rename any Calendar while importing in Owncloud:

  1. Export any calendar within iCal.
  2. Upload the calendar within Owncloud.
  3. In the import process, rename the calendar.

Afterwards the calendar is visible in Owncloud and iCal. All entries are lost, most probably because of the specialized iCal-caldav dialect. Somewhere in the exported calendar, there must be some old names of the former calendar, Owncloud is not recognizing.

When taking the original name (that means not changing the name within the import), iCal displays all schedules again.

Carddav and iOS 4:

Carddav is provided by Owncloud as well. Unfortunately, iOS links to the URL .well-known. This URL is not served by Owncloud. A simple rewrite solves this issue as described here.

1. Insert the account into your iphone. Do not add any “http” in front of the server-address. SSL must be activated on the server.

2. Add the following rewriting-rule to the related apache config:

#hack because of iOs4
Redirect /.well-known/carddav http://owncloud.konschtanz.de/apps/contacts/carddav.php</pre>

3. Restart the apache

Your device should afterwards be able to retrieve all contacts.