This post shows common pitfalls and problems with mercurial and how they can be solved.

Certificate Warning

What happens if the following message occures while pushing/pulling data:

warning: certificate with fingerprint e1:43:7c:56:cd:5e:54:99:60:93:92:98:09:68:e5:c2:fc:e3:29:44 not verified (check hostfingerprints or web.cacerts config setting)

Check []( for reference. You have to download the root-ca from the university website ( and store it somewhere in your system. Afterwards insert the path to your _~/.hgrc.

Storing Credentials

How to store credentials into the system to not insert user/password every time?

Insert the following data into your hgrc

uni.prefix =
uni.username = USERNAME
uni.password = PASSWORD
uni.schemes = https