I left the University of Konstanz quite some time ago. Since then, I’m working for the Swiss Federal Railways and part-time as a freelancer. Besides, I decided to go for a .ch-domain and migrate my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll. Why?

  • No more plugin/update hell
  • No more database upgrade hell
  • Just smooth markdown as posts transformed html enriched with simple, easy to adapt CSS

How is the migration working?

Straight forward. First, extract the blog posts, then silver-plate the outcome.

Export and Import

  1. Export blog posts and wiki entries as xml.
  2. Import the posts into jekyll
ruby -rubygems -e 'require "jekyll-import"; JekyllImport::Importers::WordpressDotCom.run({ "source" => "wordpress2.xml" })'

In case of missing gems, install them. In case of something like

ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

occurs, install XCode-Tools and access the license.


Unfortunately, all entries are unsorted and in HTML. Works for Jekyll, but Markdown would be nicer. How to format it?

I found this Website. I know, that this is an rather unscalable way. Since I need only to transform about 20 pages and I want to proof-read them anyhome, I invest the time. A more scable way would be this fine python script (which I didn’t test).


To make the websites better findable by the search machine of your choice, just follow the instruction listed in here .


I went for Jekyll Now as template and adapted it with Pagination, and a search. Maybe this is worth some follow-up posts, as soon as I migrated the existing content.