Perclipse, the Eclipse Plugin for my Java Benchmark library called Perfidix (developed within my work at the University of Konstanz), is now freely available over Eclipse Marketplace.


Since I will leave the University of Konstanz within some time, I currently push my projects open source:

  • Jars should be resolvable over [Maven Central](}.
  • Websites should be hosted on Github.
  • Builds should take place over open CI-Services.

Java Benchmark Library

Interested in Benchmarking your code? Just check out (and give me feedback if you have any problems, suggestions). If you are familiar with (TestNG)[] or (jUnit)[], the usage should be quite simple.

Perclipse Plugin

To offer easy access similar to jUnit and TestNG, we developed a plugin for Eclipse. This should make benchmarking runs less complicated. The sources and Update Site are hosted on Github and linked in the Eclipse Marketplace.

Next Steps

Now only Treetank (the project of my PhD about secure cloud storage) is missing, yet.