Working with mercurial offers seamless integration into svn (more or less). Best practice to interact with a SVN is the hgsubversion-plugin. Installation and software are referred over here:

Merge errors

Merge Errors are easy to solve:

  1. edit file
  2. type in hg resolve -m FILE
  3. continue

Authentication error

If an authentication error arises the first time, check out the svn beforehand with svn itself. This stores the credentials in the internal store.

Revision not known error

Working with Mercurial und hgsubversion brings up several artifacts: First it is not possible to work with hg branches while submitting back to subversion. In this case, hg rebase must take place to eliminate all branches. Furthermore, in the case of invalid revisions, just execute:

hg svn rebuildmeta

Error regarding wrong svn-head revision

Just make sure that the most actual revision is the last one from SVN. To get rid of all branches hg rebase must take place. The source-parameter (-s) refers to the part to be extracted and attached to the destination named by the destination parameter (-d). The aim is to eliminate all branches with the top bound to the last SVN-version.